Graphic Design

These are a selection of the design projects that I've worked on lately, in collaboration with friends and businesses to help carry them into the digital world as well as boost their online presence and branding.

MW Honey

The Hearth & Kin Eatery

Pickle Lake Fire Rescue logo

Pickle Lake Fire Rescue - The Corporation of the Township of Pickle Lake

Slee Enterprises logo

Slee Enterprises

Tackle & Tire logo

Tackle & Tire - M. Shewan Enterprises

Website Design

These are some of the website projects that I've worked on for local businesses in Pickle Lake.


These are some of the services that I've provided for residents of Pickle Lake and the surrounding area.

Surveillance Systems

Bell & Shaw Satellite TV

Network Administration

Web Development

BNC Cable Installation

Coaxial Cable Installation

Ethernet Cable Installation

Fiber Cable Installation

Android Development

Python Programming

Google Apps/Workspace

Bell & Celerity Internet

Computer Repair

CS First Education

Graphic Design

Information Technology